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69 brands that work with food bloggers (nice!)

October 25, 2021

If you’re a food blogger you know better than anyone else, ads just don’t generate enough money to support a full-time income. Brand sponsorships are another common way that recipe bloggers earn extra money. 

Here is our huge list of brands that have worked with food bloggers in recent years on sponsored posts and other types of collaborations.

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Brands that work with food bloggers

Food brands naturally are the most common type of company that works with recipe bloggers. However, grocery stores, kitchenware brands, and local businesses also sometimes collaborate with food blogs.

  1. O Organics products
  2. Silk
  3. Prince of Peace Ginger 
  4. ALDI
  5. Siggi’s
  6. BUSH'S® Beans
  7. Almond Breeze
  8. American Egg Board
  9. Shady Brook Farms®
  10. Ensure 
  11. Foster Farms
  12. Mountain Rose Herbs
  13. Nielsen-Massey Vanillas
  14. Smithfield
  15. Minute Rice
  16. Nestle
  17. Stella Cheese
  18. Hefty (trash bags)
  19. American Diabetes Association
  20. La Victoria Salsa
  21. Gerber
  22. Reynolds Kitchens
  23. Walmart
  24. Swanson
  25. Danish Creamery
  26. Argo Corn Starch
  27. Cache Valley Creamery
  28. Mirum
  29. California Avocado Commission
  30. McCormick
  31. Yahoo Food
  32. Morton Salt
  33. Rubbermaid
  34. Singing Dog Vanilla
  35. Skippy
  36. Fisher (Pecans)
  37. Kaboo Bags
  38. Blendtec
  39. M&M's
  40. Truvia
  41. Hershey’s
  42. Kroger
  43. Crockpot
  44. USA Pears
  45. Le Creuset
  46. Almond Breeze
  47. Oreo
  48. Capital One
  49. Ritz Crackers
  50. Burnaid
  51. Philadelphia Cream Cheese
  52. Red Star Yeast
  53. DeLallo
  54. Land O'Lakes
  55. Quaker Oats
  56. Barefoot Wine
  57. California Walnuts
  58. Phil's Fresh Eggs
  59. El Mayor Tequila
  60. Ibotta
  61. Old El Paso
  62. Diamond Walnuts
  63. Freschetta
  64. King Arthur Flour
  65. Whole Foods Market
  66. Johnsonville
  67. Ball Fresh Preserving
  68. Hunt’s Tomatoes
  69. Starbucks

Ways that food bloggers work with brands

There are a wide variety of different ways that brands engage with food bloggers. Here are a few different types.

Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are a common type of brand engagement for food bloggers. A brand will pay the blogger to sponsor a post or recipe, and the blogger might cook using the brand’s ingredient, showcase their cookware line, or otherwise talk about the brand with their audience.  

Sponsored reviews

For a sponsored review, a company provides a product with the expectation that the blogger will write a positive review. In some cases, the blogger tries the product and cannot honestly provide positive public feedback (because they don’t like the product), in which case the agreement is voided and the product is not promoted. Ideally, the blogger does like the product and writes a post reviewing it and shares it on social media. Sponsored reviews are usually paid promotions, so in addition to providing a product to test, the brand also pays a fee to the blogger. Some new bloggers might accept only the free product in exchange for their time.

Social media collaborations

Some bloggers accept social media collaborations or sponsorships that never actually reach their blog. They may collaborate in live videos, do a “story takeover”, direct an advertisement, or otherwise create social media content around the brand in exchange for a sponsorship fee.

Sponsored giveaways

For a sponsored giveaway, a brand provides the blogger with free products to give away to their audience. For new bloggers, this may be an unpaid promotion, but experienced bloggers with large audiences will charge a fee to facilitate and promote the giveaway.

How much do bloggers earn from sponsorships?

Bloggers can earn anywhere from a few dollars to many thousands of dollars on sponsored content, depending on the size of their audience and their expertise in sales. Some new bloggers will create sponsored content in exchange for free products, but most bloggers don’t bother to work with brands that pay less than $200 per engagement because it is not worth the time of coordination, communication, and content creation. Bloggers with large audiences and networks may earn five figures on a single sponsorship.

How to find blog sponsorships

So, how do you get relevant, high-quality brands to pay you to create food content? Experienced bloggers may have brands reach out directly to them, so all they have to do is negotiate the terms of the engagement. Other bloggers use networks like Blogher or Honest Cooking to connect with brands that are looking for experts and content creators.

You can also try pitching directly to the brands that you want to work with, to see if they are interested in an engagement. The best way to pitch a brand is to get a personal introduction to someone on their PR or marketing team from other bloggers you know who have previously worked with them. If you don’t have a contact within the brand, look for a general PR or media email address on the brand’s website. Have a professional-looking press kit or media kit ready that will act as your portfolio and help brands understand the value that you bring to the table. 

Ads are just one way for bloggers to earn an income. Brand sponsorships are a great way to diversify and grow revenue from your food blog!

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