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What is Reciple?

Reciple is the first ad-free recipe platform that is equitable for creators. Sign up for unlimited access to our content, and 75% of the membership fee is distributed to the creators whose content you engage with.

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Meet our creators

Angela Ollison

Specialty Cuisine: American

Melanie Underwood

Specialty Cuisine:

Red Beans and Eric

Specialty Cuisine: Creole, Cajun


Specialty Cuisine: Family meals

Fallon Brooks

Specialty Cuisine: Caribbean

Brandi Wharton

Specialty Cuisine: Healthy, gluten-free
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How does Reciple work?
Reciple works much like Netflix or Spotify. Join with a monthly or annual subscription and gain unlimited access to all of our ad-free recipes. Then, as you view recipes from our small creators, they earn a percentage of your subscription fee.
Why would I pay for recipes when I can get them free online?
Reciple is designed for you to have the best user experience possible. That means no advertisements, sponsored posts, affiliate links, or popups! It’s true, you can access almost any recipe for free online — but whenever you access something for free, it means that you are the product. Reciple is an option for people who want a simplified, ad-free experience for the same content that you know and love from small creators.
What kind of recipes do you have?
Reciple has more than 800 original recipes, from a wide variety of cuisine types. We have several creators who focus on vegetarian and vegan content, desserts, air fryer recipes, and more! 
Who can be a creator?
We’re currently allowing anyone to join our platform as a creator, as long as you have original recipes including written ingredients, directions, and photos. It is our goal to decrease the barriers to earning money from creative work, so we don’t require professional photography or a specific number of followers.

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